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Tourist attractions 


Enjoy the attractions of the great Concepción and its surroundings ...

Campus University of Concepción...with sense of identity...

Known as the "university city" this place is a large urban park with different schools, colleges and sports areas. With intense mixed vegetation of gardens, trees, artificial lakes and sculptures. Among the buildings featured,  have the university forum in which to set  artistic and cultural events and the bell tower which is recognized as an important landmark of the city.

Fishing Cove Lenga... an gastronomic experience...

A 16 km north of Concepción, bordering the Bay of San Vicente we find this picturesque cove populated mainly for fishermen. This place it has become a renowned gastronomic center of the region with over 20 restaurants specializing in seafood. In addition, the sector has a new promenade, which lets you  enjoy the landscape, climate and numerous recreational events.

 Bío Bío river.... attractive geography... 

His original name of the Mapuche language "Huio Huio" means "sound of water". This river is a of great historical and geographic features most important to the identity of the city.
Besides the river, you can visit their desembocadora, which stands out for its attractive landscapes surrounding and beautiful sunsets.
Also, the upper area of ​​this river is enabled to practice kayaking and rafting.

Commune of Lota... a romantic journey through the history...

This ancient site full of history is presented as an interesting tourist spot as it was a thriving town of coal miners. Among its attractions are  the coal mine "el Chiflón del Diablo", the homes of workers and their beaches. Also include the romantic  park created by the family Cousiño which presents a breathtaking journey for the visitor, full of sculptures, various species of trees, water sources and lanscapes. Simply an unforgettable experience.

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